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March 03, 2011

(Scroll down to the bottom of the post for a neat offer. Disclaimer: I am not being paid to do this. I just wanted to share because I <3 Artfire.)

If you ask anyone who Etsy is, chances are they know what you are talking about. Etsy has basically become the "name brand" of the handmade movement. Your average person has heard of it, and maybe even bought something.

But how many of you have heard of Artfire? If you are reading my blog, you probably have heard of it-- because I sell jewelry there! But did you know about it beforehand?

Artfire works just like Etsy. It is an online marketplace where thousands of artisans set up little (or not so little) shops to sell handmade items.

As you know, I recently opened up an Etsy store, but the only items I have listed are custom orders. (Although I am happy to move any listings over to Etsy if a customer would prefer to buy there).

Why do I use Artfire the most? Artfire isn't as well-known as Etsy, but I love their customization, SEO (search engine optimization), and customer support. Plus, they have some really awesome features with more on the way.

Some of you may or may not know that I once had an issue with someone incorrectly claiming a copyright over some of my work. The Artfire staff helped me figure out the problem and continue on with life. :)

Anyway, I'd someday I'd love to see Artfire become as well-known as Etsy. It certainly deserves to, and it is well on its way.

And did you know that you can sell on Artfire for free? That's what I did for several months..

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

You can set up an entire store and sell items at no cost! Perfect for those of you considering selling crafts, jewelry, or artwork, but who just want to "see how it goes" before laying down $100 a year (well, you pay monthly... and if you plan on listing alot on Etsy, it's even more expensive over there).

I had used Artfire Basic in the past for a fundraiser. That convinced me to start a Shoppe of my own... And then only a few months later I decided it is worth it to go Pro ($9.95/month). And I want to remain Pro, and will long as I sell enough to cover the $10. The Basic store has all you need to sell online, but I appreciate the customization and extra tools that come with the Pro account.

Have any of you considered opening up your own Artfire Pro store? At the current rate, it is $9.95.

Please, if you are considering opening an Artfire Pro account, sign up through this link:

It is my Referral link. If you sign up through this link, you get your third month free. That means three months of an awesome platform for under $20. (And I get a free month myself!)

Not ready to go Pro? Please sign up for a Basic, Free account using my referral link! If you decide to go Pro within 3 months, the same deal goes. :)

Oh, yeah, if you sign up for a Pro account through my referal link, before March 15th, we're entered to win Canon DSLR cameras. One each. I know, what are the chances, but still!

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