Earring Display { Guest Post }

March 21, 2011

I am pleased to introduce you to my newest guest blogger-- Katy Sue! 

She has been a follower of my blog for quite some time, so I am glad you all get to meet her! Today she is sharing how to make a DIY Earrings Display. Don't forget to check out { her blog }, too!


Hi everyone! My name is KatySue Pillsbury and I blog over here at http://katysuepillsbury.blogspot.com/. I am a Jesus loving, tea drinking, hopeless romantic who loves to sew and cook. I am also a wanna-be-writer and jewelry maker. I dabble in all of the home arts and am a complete failure at music except for loving to listen to it! I found Shaylynn's blog through the Ink and Faerie Dust website and fell in love with her beautiful jewelry designs! Thanks so much for letting me guest post and good luck on your blog fast! =)


       My Mom had been wondering how to better store her earrings as they were all muddled in a box in her drawer. Next thing I know, she's taking me to the store and asking me to make her an earring holder. I went along with the idea and was left with a couple different kinds of beads, some wire and a picture frame.

       After wrestling with it for a while, I decided I would have to string each strand separately and attach them as I go, one long strand would have worked, but she wanted different colors every third strand or so! Thoroughly poked, discouraged and bleeding I put it away after the first 4 strands.

       I picked it up again today and after the break of a few days found that it was going much better this time! I finished in about an hour and hot glued some bias tape over the picky ends on the back to protect the wall and fingers from being scratched!

       Here is a tutorial!


Picture Frame, any size (the one I used is 8x10) Thrift stores would be an excellent place to find frames! I used a metal frame but see no reason why a wooden one wouldn't work just as well!

Small gauge wire in a color that will match your frame as you will be able to see it

Small beads, any color!

Wire cutters or scissors(the scissors will be wrecked for anything besides wire cutting, so use an old pair!)

Pliers, these are not needed but will help in pulling things tighter!

Step One
Remove the back and glass from the frame set aside for reuse later if desired.

Step Two: 
Cut a length of wire that will fit across your frame. Leave lots of extra for wrapping, especially if you are using a wooden frame as they are much wider than the metal one I used.

Step Three
Make a kink in the wire to keep your beads from sliding off and so you leave enough wrapping room. String beads, again leaving enough of an end for wrapping.

Step Four:
Wrap one of the un-beaded ends around the edge of the frame, like this.

Front view:

Back View:

Step Five: Slip end of wire under wrapped portion and pull tight. Repeat one or two more times. Trim end and press down. Be careful the ends will be sharp!!!
Twice Wrapped:
This is what it looks like on the actual piece.

Step Six: Hot glue bias tape or ribbon over the ends of the wire to keep them from scratching anything! 
Step Seven: You can either replace the back so it's free standing or you can hang it on the wall backless like we did. Have fun and enjoy your new earring holder!

Hi, Shealynn here! Thanks KatySue for sharing your tutorial!!! Isn't that frame to die for??!
Just a note: Depending on the wire you plan on using, it might be easier to wirewrap the ends rather than to tie them.

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