Oh, no! She's disappeared! ...and other updates.

March 11, 2011

No, I haven't disappeared! As I mentioned earlier, I am cutting back on my computer time this Lent.

I'll still be checking my email and the Shoppe daily, so nothing important will be missed. :)

As far as the Faerie Blog goes... dear Fairy People, never fear! I'll be posting once a week or so.... and I have some awesome guest bloggers lined up for y'all. I can't wait to introduce them!

Speaking of guest bloggers... if you would like to be featured here on my blog, there are plenty of days to fill in the weeks ahead. :) Check out my previous post for more information. I'm not picky and I'd love to have you!


March's issue of Ink and Fairydust is released!

...well, actually, it was released on the first of March. I just forgot to tell you all. But those of you who are my fans on facebook (or I&F's fans) already knew about this!

As always, we've worked very hard to bring this issue to you! Please check out our latest issue, bookmark I&F, and spread the word. :)


Okay. So this was very embarrassing. You know that toolbar at the bottom of my blog?

Can you see this picture? lol, just look at the bottom of the screen to see what I'm talking about.
Anyway, several months ago I had set it to give a pop-message. It said something like:

"Hi, this is Shaylynn, I'm testing out this really need toolbar widget called Wibiya. Blah blah blah yada yada (I was saying something else, too), and don't forget to check out my Christmas link up."

I thought I deleted that pop-up message sometime in December. I clicked "delete" and never saw it again!

Until I opened my blog up on Dad's laptop. There it was. Staring me right in the face. An old, unprofessional message. And I've had hundreds of brand-new visitors to my blog in the past couple of months. Every single one has to have seen that message.

I think I finally got it deleted. Please let me know if you see that message again. (I mean, I might put up new messages every now and then, but  let me know if you see that Christmas one).


Wow! I have 78 Blogger followers! 

Do you remember what I said back in early January?

Can we get up to 80 Blogger followers?

At that time, I only had 39 followers. Dear amazing Fairy People who had been with me since nearly the beginning of my blog.

There's still going to be a giveaway when we reach 80 followers! Only 2 away! .  

And when we get to the grand and amazing number of 100 followers, there shall be an even bigger giveaway!

I normally don't do giveaways very often, but eeep! 80 followers? Two months ago I thought it would take half a year to get there!

(So that means that if you've been lurking around my blog... I would really appreciate you clicking that "Follow" button!)

(Random side note: For the past week, my followers have been 76, 77, 76, 77, 78, 77, 78, 77, and now 78 again. I'm trying to figure this out. At first I was sad that someone had left. :( but figured that I had my ego inflated to care so much. Now I'm wondering if someone is continually following and unfollowing? Because this keeps happening!)


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  1. I'm really sorry I haven't really worked on my guest post yet... I WILL get it to you at least before Lent is over! :P
    I've been SO busy lately, but as soon as I have a free day, I'll get it all written up and sent to you!


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