DIY Beaded Star Earrings { Guest Post }

March 16, 2011

I would like to introduce you to my very first guest blogger, Joanna.

Joanna has been an online friend of mine for quite awhile. Back when we were working on the Shadow of the Bear fundraiser, she made this dazzling necklace.

 Today, she will be sharing the instructions. Aren't her diagrams beautifully drawn?


Star Pendant Earrings
This design was inspired by The Bead Monkey

This is a fun craft to create, and not only can you make beautiful earrings from these pendants, but also they can be attached to a necklace, or you can use your own creative imagination to think of something different!

Supplies you will need:
  • 2 craft ear wires (earrings)
  • 2- 2’ clear cord
  • 44 small seed beads
  • 24 small crystal beads, in two different but coordinating colors (depending on how large you want to make them you can also use larger ones)


The pendant is built in a clockwise direction created with a series of loops that are themselves made in a counter-clockwise direction. As you progress adding more beads, continue to pull the cord taut. 

Divide the crystal colors into two piles. Label one pile of crystals A, for the center, and label the other pile B, which will be the outer edge color. In the following steps, A and B will refer to the crystals.

Step 1.
With one piece of illusion cord in hand, thread from the working end (right side) a seed bead, A, seed bead, B, seed bead, and A.

Step 2.
Slide the beads toward the left end of the cord about 5-6” from the end creating a tail. Then thread the working end through the first seed bead threaded on. Go through the bead in the same direction as it was initially threaded thus creating a loop.

Step 3.
Add a seed bead, A, seed bead, B, and seed bead. Thread the working end in a counter clockwise direction through the A from step one and the first seed bead added in this step. Pull the thread taut.

Step 4.
Repeat step 3 three more times threading back through A crystals from each previous step and pull the thread taut after each step.

Step 5.
Thread a seed bead on the working end. Thread cord through A (from step 1). Add a seed bead, B, seed bead, then thread down through A (from the last step). Finally, thread through the first seed bead added in the center.

Step 6.
Notice that the tail and working ends emerge from adjacent seed beads. Tie a small knot, then thread both ends of cord through the A crystal toward the outer rim of the pendant.

Step 7.
Thread the shorter cord (tail) through a seed and crystal.

Step 8. 
Pick up the longer cord and then thread it in the opposite direction through the seed beads and three of the B crystals along the outer edge of the pendant.

Step 9.
Thread through the next two seed beads.

Step 10.
Thread onto the cord two seed beads, the loop of the ear wire, then two seed beads. Then thread back through the two seed beads (step 9) on the earring completing the loop.

Step 11.
Continue threading the cord through the crystals and seed beads until you have reached the point where the tail and emerges.
(picture 6)

Step 12.
Tie a secure knot. Notice the crystals in the center push outward creating a slight dome.

Step 13.
Pass both ends through the B crystal adjacent to the knot and then trim the excess cord.

Step 14.
Repeat steps one through twelve to complete other earring.

*It is helpful to read through the directions before starting. 

(..... buahahaha! This is Shaylynn here-- I have to say that this is very wise advice. I can't tell you how many projects I've started without reading the instructions and totally ruined it!)

Joanna made her star into a necklace. Isn't it dazzling?

I think I'll make one of these myself! Greens and blues.... mmm, that sounds good!

Thank you joining me here at Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe, Joanna!

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  1. Gorgeous! And excellent instructions!

    I made mine as earrings, and just added four seedbeds around the outside of each B crystal to match a bracelet I'd made. Perfect!

    Thank you :-)

  2. Gorgeous! And excellent instructions!

    I made mine as earrings, and just added four seedbeds around the outside of each B crystal to match a bracelet I'd made. Perfect!

    Thank you :-)

  3. Wow, perfect. Fortunately, I found your website!
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