The Evolution of a Knot

March 03, 2011

a.k.a. I Took Pictures While Working on a Knotwork Drawing

I did not use a tutorial for this-- I was modifying what I knew about circular knotwork from the Trinity Knot. My compass got alot of use. I think I drew 26 little circles. 

Here it is, all traced in pen.

Colouring it in! 
(buahaha, had to use the British spelling. My brother Nick was just talking to me... we've never been out of the country, but somehow he's had a British accent from the day he started to talk.)

....and the finished artwork!

I made this on a small piece of Bristol board the size of a trading card. I turned it into a prayer card by calligraphy-ing a prayer on the back. No pictures of that because it really didn't turn out. :P

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  1. Good job. When I was younger my favorite tool was the compass and I used to make so many different shapes and drawings with it. I should go out get a new one and try again. Thank you for sharing.


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