The Case of the Exploding Computer

July 07, 2011

The title might be a wee bit misleading. Our computer didn't explode.

(I know, you're thinking, "Oh, maaaaan!")

But for all that you've seen of me here on the blog... it might has well have gone up in a giant ball of fire and smoke!

No explosions occured, but we have had some major problems with the computer. Read: my software.

I use Dad's hard-core, 64-bit, two-moniter monster of a computer. He used to work from home and design car parts on it. However, once we installed Adobe Creative Suite (CS5-- the most amazing programs ever), things started to go downhill. You'd swear the software was the evil twin of my teenage brothers: it has a huge appetite. Space kept disapearing and the computer started to slow down considerably. We cleaned out the Recycle/Trash (renamed Azkaban by yours truly). I moved all of my files onto a plug-in storage harddrive. We deleted the large amount of TMP files hidden under App Data. We did everything we could think of...

All to no avail. The long story made short is that Dad and I did everything we could to clean up the computer, and Dad has come to the conclusion that we need to replace our harddrive. That might be a bit of an expensive and time-consuming ordeal, and unfortunately Dad does not have the time at the moment. His new job is very demanding this month.

Well, the computer's slow, but can't you still use it? Nope! At first, things were just slow, but then software starting crashing halfways through saving files, and various other problems. During our attempts at computer CPR, we accidently messed up some of the Adobe files, and now none of those programs will even open. Dad uninstalled many other programs, including Norton.

No photo editing... no graphics... and no using the Internet. I can still go online on our laptop (you didn't think I was typing all of this on the iPod, did you?), but I can't access any of my software or files, and can't edit new photos on this computer.

Blog posts will continue to be few and spread apart (as they have been for the past two or three months that the computer has been acting up). Our family has been very busy lately, and Dad simply hasn't had the time to replace the harddrive. I don't know when I'll be able to get back to doing all of my online work (and I've been planning new graphics for the Blog and Shoppe and for Ink and Fairydust, in addition to wanting to learn to build cool websites).

Until then... you will have to be content with some measley little posts. :) I haven't been lazy, though-- once everything is back to working condition, I will have new jewelry to upload to the Shoppe, about 10 projects to write tutorials for, tons of artwork to share, some updated graphics...

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