G.K. Chesterton t-shirt

July 17, 2011

Please excuse the blech photo of me-- I had just gotten inside after unicycling!
It's not secret that I love G.K. Chesterton. He's one of the most spectacular authors ever; he is one of the few authors whose books are covered with highlighter. (Find out more about Chesterton over at the American Chesterton Society).

I wanted a GKC t-shirt, but most of those out there either have really boring graphics, or did not include my favorite quotes. So, I made my own!

Didn't it turn out awesome? It cost around $25-- I chose the American Apparel fabric, which was more expensive than others. It is incredibly comfy and very breathable. And it's not see-through! I always hate that about most white t-shirts. I've had the shirt for a couple of months now, and it has not faded or shrunk at all.

Click to enlarge and see all the amazing GKC quotes!

This t-shirt is for sale on Zazzle!!!
You can purchase it HERE.

I'm still new to the whole Zazzle thing-- but I'm fairly certain that you can get my GKC design on all types of t-shirts. The cheapest seems to be $19, although Zazzle often runs sales.

I'm keeping the price as low as I can. Zazzle has a base price per t-shirt, and I chose to get only a small royalty from each sale. That way the price is reasonable, and more peeps can share their love of Chesterton!

I look forward to exploring Zazzle more! I'd love to make all sorts of graphics..... you can design everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs to bumper stickers. It's free to list (the first $25 made goes to Zazzle, after that, you get royalties from all sales).

Please bookmark ShealynnsFaerie on Zazzle! If some people buy my bright and colorful Chesterton shirt, I'll make more graphics and list more items! I'm thinking fairytales... artwork... quotes...

I'm going to wear this to the American Chesterton Conference. :)

By the way, someone at the StL airport likes GK Chesterton! Actually, he kind of scared me at first... Mom and I were walking down the terminal on our way back from ReginaCon2011, when one of our fellow passengers (a very tall guy) said, "Your shirt is awesome, I love it," before walking away. Now I wonder who the random Chesterton fan was. :)

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  1. I just finished a bio on Chesterton--I am also a fan. I shall have to check out this Zazzle thing--it's new to me.


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