Storage Tip-- Tackle Boxes

July 08, 2011

Until the computer (and my files) are working, I'm going to share some shorter posts (with unedited pictures and everything). No tutorials or good photography yet... just some of my most recent tips, tricks, and little projects!


They are so hard to store! The little things never want to be sorted or organized (or even get found when dropped on the floor). I buy beads in small amounts, and it is difficult to find containers to keep these little beads marching in order.

Craft stores have plastic containers with dividers, which are great for organizing beads and other little odds and ends. But $10+ for a plastic box? I don't think so.

My mom used to do some cross stitching, and she had two old plastic boxes that she kept embroidery thread in. I put the thread into a Ziplock baggie and put those boxes to good work. However, the "cubbies" were deep enough and the dividers far enough apart that the box was only good for the beads and jewelry findings that I had alot of. Sets of 100 little beads still had no storage, and there were no options for other sizes or types. Even so... I filled up the two boxes and needed more.

But I was not spending $20 on a little plastic thing.


Later that week, Dad stopped by the fishing aisle during a Walmart shopping trip.  That is when I saw them.

Tackle boxes.

Glorious little boxes, of all sizes. Big cubbies, little cubbies, super tiny tiny deviders. Huge boxes, miniscule boxes... Wonderfully sturdy plastic boxes. And all were HALF the price of the containers in the craft stores. (Half price, or sometimes even less).

These tackle boxes are great for many other things, too! Here's some ideas:
  • tackle (obviously)
  • sewing notions
  • random craft knicknacks (come on, we all have a bunch!)
  • jewelry (one of my friends uses these to organize her rather extensive collection of jewelry)
  • small office supplies (think cap erasers, pencil lead, paper clips...)
  • ...and basically any collection of small items!
The picture above shows one of the re-purposed embroidery thread boxes (bottom), and a tackle box (on top).

I love the little tackle box. It opens on both top and bottom (double sided) and has small, shallow (and adjustable) cubbies-- perfect for organizing my ever-growing collection of small sets of Czech glass beads. It is much, much sturdier than the "craft organizing box"-- and it was THREE BUCKS. Three bucks!

I also saw this:

$35 for a big giant tackle box, that includes about 8 little plastic cubby-boxes and even more compartments throughout it. If only I could justify spending $35! It really was very tempting, but I have a craft room with plenty of space to store supplies. This box would be perfect for someone who needs to maximize space.

So maybe when I go off to college...?

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  1. That's an awesome idea! I know, they are SO overpriced at the craft store! I have a cheap five buck one and the sides are breaking off. :P

  2. I've discovered the joy of tackle boxes too, Shaylynn. I use them for beads, my earrings, craft embellishments and more. I so agree that they're an affordable and durable alternative.

  3. Ha! Glad to know that others are cheap like me! I have a vintage little tackle box that I scored for a quarter a couple of years ago and it holds all of my sewing machine feet and bobbins and such. It's so convenient and a great way to pack a ton of stuff into a small space. Speaking of which this could be perfect for those Caboodle tubs.

  4. three bucks is GREAT! :)

    glad you found a very frugal solution!


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