A Tour of my Sketchbooks, Part One

July 25, 2011

During our unpacking process, I found a veritable treasure trove: a cardboard box full of my old sketchbooks!

I know that many of my readers have requested to see more of my artwork, so I got this brilliant idea to share my sketchbooks with you. Yes, you read that correctly.

You get to see every last embarrassing sketch that I have hidden away in the depths of my spiral-bound, bent-paged books.

Now, the sketchbooks are obviously just small samples of the artwork that I did. At first, all of my art went into my sketchbooks-- but I tore out almost everything that turned out decent and gave them to friends and family as gifts. That means that you will only be seeing the not-so-decent drawings!

As I got older and more experienced, I started to do all of my planned works-of-art on separate paper. I also developed a bad habit of drawing on everything from napkins to schoolwork, so many of my sketches never found their way into these books.

And so, my sketchbooks truly are sketchbooks. They aren't glamorous. They are sometimes embarrassing, because I tend to use sketchbooks (rather than journals) to let loose when I am upset. Some of them cover over a year or even longer, reflecting periods when I wasn't focused on art... and others represent mere months. Most are somewhat lame, others positively exciting. :)

But they are my art. They are a part of me. You can see me grow as an artist. You can watch my tastes evolve (although I think that every one of my sketchbooks has at least one drawing of a fairy or princess... some things never change!).

I've been able to locate 9 sketchbooks, and plan on giving you tours on all of them. :) I might even pull out one of my folders full of random artwork.

I found that it would be much, much easier for me to take videos of my sketchbooks, rather than scan each page. As I said in the video, just leave a comment if you would like to see any particular drawing in greater detail. :D

(And excuse the accent at the very beginning. I was being silly!)

Enjoy the peek into my sketchbook!

P.S. Want to see more? As I post each new sketchbook, you will be able to find them on my YouTube channel, or right here on my blog under the label Sketchbook Tour!

P.P.S. I actually finished that sketchbook back in March or April. That's how long it took for the computer to get fixed so I could edit the video!!!

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  1. One word.



  2. I agree with Elenatintil........

  3. I LOVED the video, Shaylynn! :D It was so awesome. You're so amazing and hilarious!

  4. Thanks!

    So.... I caved in.... *see latest post* YES I now have DEVIANTART.


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