July 14, 2011

Once upon a time, a young girl read several good books of fairytales in the real world. She loved these stories so much that, on one fateful day, she joined a group of other "princes and princesses in disguise." There, she made many friends and became practiced in the arts of glomping, throwing glitterwaterballoons, and fighting off the dragons of the real world.

As the years passed by, the young girl found many friends through this group. She spent hours (perhaps too many), writing tales with these fellow crazy people. Deep discussions were always within reach, and cheerful goofiness was always nearby. Her new friends became good friends as time went on.

Some of the amazing girls at the ReginaCon
With their support, she started many new projects. She embarked on exciting journeys as an artist.

"Elena" and I-- Elena administrates the forum, started I&F, and is a simply amazing girl.
Her friends were with her as she became proficient in several crafts, and were always there with new suggestions and plenty of insanity.

...not to mention evil plots!
However, the girl was sad, for in all this time, she had never once met one of these amazing people. She knew them only through the magic of her handheld enchanted mirror...

...but that was all to change.

My first airplane ride
One muggy summer day, she stepped onto a magic carpet with her mother and was flown to a land far, far away. There, a great festival was taking place. Called ReginaCon (and otherwise known as the Fairytale Novel Fan Festival), it was a gathering of many of her friends. She got to meet them in real life, although it felt more like a fairytale than anything!

Fairytale Fans-- all dressed up for the Murder Mystery
Of course, the girl brought all of her books with her, and had the creator of the stories write her name in them.

Author Regina Doman and I.
In addition to meeting her wonderful friends and listening to several thrilling speeches by the storyteller, the girl had the opportunity to attend the premiering of the story upon a magical screen the size of a giant.

Excitedly entering the theatre
The feeling of being inside of a fairytale was even more potent then, for she came face-to-face with the characters she loved... or at least, the magicians who brought the characters to life.

On the "red carpet"-- Elena and the actresses who played Rose and Blanche Brier
The girl enjoyed herself very much and thanked her Lord for the gift of these friends.

Trivia before the talent show.
On the very last day in the magical land, she danced the night away...

At the swing dance-- photo credit to Q
She was very sad to leave.

The Mall of America
Yet despite the bittersweetness of the farewells, the girl knew that she would always remember these friends.

The car ride to the airport
To this day, and forevermore, she smiles at the memories.

(This long tale chronicles the story of where I was during my online absence! 
Below is a slideshow put together by Therese-- none of the photos in the video are mine, since I was unable to download my pictures when the computer was broken. Forum peeps, I have my own pictures uploaded now, just email me and I'll send the link.)

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  1. That's wonderful Shaylynn! And you found a formal dress! (I love the color.)

  2. That was wonderful! Great job! :D


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