Royal Circlets

July 16, 2011

I recently bought some more wire, and experimented with a new technique for making circlets.

This circlet, made from silver-plate and rose-gold plated copper, shows off my improved wire-braiding skills.

You can see that I have the new addition of ribbons on the back of the circlet, so that it is adjustable to fit any head snugly.

It was made as one of the door prizes at ReginaCon2011.

For the circlet, I ran out of wire and did not have enough to make a full-size circlet with the dip in front. Instead, I turned it into a headband. It can also be worn as a "flat" circlet with a piece of ribbon tied to the back.

Isn't the sparkle spectacular? The silver wire costs more, but it makes the circlets so much more handsome. I think I will start to make all future circlets in enameled and plated copper, rather than aluminum (unless the cheaper metal is specifically requested as a custom order).

Here you can see the new and improved edges of the circlet. No more tangles or scratches, and you can easily string ribbon through!

This blue circlet/headband is available for sale at my Shoppe { HERE }

I recently received some copper wire from A Beaded Affair, and this was my first project with it. It was also a door prize for the ReginaCon.

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  1. Those are so beautiful, Shaylynn! I love them. :) Your braiding is SO even!! I wish I could get it that even. :P Is there anything special you do to get it so even? Or is it just practice, practice, practice? :)

    ~Mary Grace

  2. Oh, that's lovely! I wish I *needed* one of those...I'd buy it in a jiffy. Unfortunately I can't think of a good enough excuse, though. *sigh*

  3. These are beautiful! Oh, I do wish I had a young lady to get one for! You do awesome work, Shaylynn.

  4. Wow....that's amazing! Thanks so much for linking to Thrifty THursday!

  5. Really beautiful! I love the work and design!


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