Day 4 and Day 5

November 05, 2011

I didn't forget about the drawing challenge. I didn't even get a day behind.
I just had some technical difficulties (read: I lost my camera). These issues are now resolved (read: I found my camera under a book).

Day 4: Favorite Place

My favorite place to read is on the hammock swing in our backyard. The view is gorgeous-- the pond, the forest, the little insects that eat me alive...

Drawn with pastel. 20 minutes. (Guess who needs work with pastel?)

I started out with a different drawing, in colored pencil. I was going to have a flowery description and everything... it's a drawing of a backyard. When you are a kid, a backyard is never a backyard. It's a castle's field, a dragon's lair, a futuristic city, but never, never a boring backyard.

Then I realized that the backyard I was drawing doesn't look like any of our old backyards, and I can't seem to draw trees with colored pencil, and so I gave up halfways through and drew the hammock instead. Neither drawing is particularly good...

I think it's safe to say that yesterday's challenge didn't like me.

Day 5: Best friend

I have too many close friends to choose just one to draw a picture of.
So I drew a picture of what I did with my "besties" during grade school.

I used to know some epic jump rope tricks, but never learned to do the double-dutch.
Drawn with guache (goopy guache-- I had to stop painting for an hour, and when I got back, the paint was all goopy!), somewhere around half an hour.

Here's the linky! Go ahead and put both Day 4 and Day 5 here.

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  1. I love your best friends picture! ^^ very cute!

    I've almost got myself all caught more drawing to go!


  2. Same here!! Love the best friend picture!


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