Doodled Earrings (Day 18-19)

November 25, 2011

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30 Day Drawing Challenge...
Day 18: Just a Doodle

Day 19: Something New

During Thanksgiving, I was doodling some new jewelry design ideas. Then I realized that my doodle counts as the "something new" challenge...

When I got back, I made the earrings I drew.

They're available in the Shoppe!
My family thought it was so funny that I behind and got stuck coming up with ideas of what to draw for this challenge that I made up. I suppose I wasn't really clear when I started this challenge: it's not my idea. I was inspired by this picture that has been making its rounds on Pinterest. I just wanted to see how many of my online friends would like to join me in my (admittedly crazy) venture to actually do this!
30 Day Drawing Challenge at Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe

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  1. Beautiful earrings! I love the idea of putting them on a drawing.

  2. These are great! I love your doodle, and those earrings are gorgeous!

    & I loooooooove free shipping! I finally got one of your evenstars!(;


  3. Your art is beautiful. And I love the earrings you made. Unfortunately, I am broke at the moment or I would snap them up in an instant!

    Over from the Autumn Hop. I am a writer.


  4. You could add the "Something New" sketch to your shoppe.


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