Day 3: Favorite Food

November 03, 2011

Ice cream sundaes are a legitimate food.

Even if the whipped cream looks wonky.

(I did mention that not all my drawings are going to be as fancy as yesterday's phoenix, didn't I? I've been busy working on Ink and Fairydust!)


My little sister drew my second favorite food: pizza. She actually drew one of our Zipper Parties.

Explanation: When I was little, my parents knew never to say "Let's order pizza." aloud. My brothers and I would go ballistics. We'd even made a Pizza Song (that consisted of shouting "PIZZA!" in a singsong voice) and a Pizza-in-the-Oven game (that consisted of running in circles around the kid who was the pizza, and then attacking and pretending to eat him).
Mom and Dad tried to outsmart us. They started to speak in code: "Let's get p-i-z-z-a."
They forgot that I was learning to read.
Eventually, "p-i-z-z-a" morphed into "a-z-z-i-p" (pizza backwards). It stayed like that for a long time, until one of my brothers realized Hey! A-z-z-i-p spells azip!
As you can image, azip quickly turned to azzipper, which shrunk to zipper.

Nowadays. the only pizza that is allowed to be called Zipper is our own speality homemade pizza with creative and yummy toppings. We often have families over for "Trash Pizza/ Zipper" parties. Each family brings over some pizza trays and unusual toppings, and then everyone sets to work creating zipper masterpieces.

30 Day Drawing Challenge at Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe

Looking forward to seeing your favorite food!

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  1. haha! I'm laughing at you and your siblings as kids! Cute! And your zipper pizza sounds fun. :)

  2. Cute sundae! & we have a kind of pizza song too, haha.

    I'm already a day behind, so I'm relieved that this is an easier challenge.(:


  3. Yum! This is an inspiring challenge!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  4. Cute sundae, and I love the aerial view of the 'za!

  5. The sundae is making my mouth water!


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