Day 7: Draw Your Favorite Word

November 07, 2011


With my own definition written at the bottom.

I'm starting to be pleased with my typography (I don't know if you'd call this kind of drawing-of-words calligraphy?). I even looked up how to properly draw/grid the Roman Capitals. I never realized there was so much geometry in it!

Despite the fact that I'm the mutant of my family (being an artist and all), my little heart still sighs with pleasure when I learn about things like this.

Actually, this mutant is losing her mind... do you know, I'm actually enjoying my trignometry book?
It's only because trignometry is really geometry is disguise.
And geometry is cool, as far as math things go.
But I still hate algebra.
And arithmetic.

People keep trying to tell me that this isn't a word. BUT IT IS!

(Kudos to anyone who can guess what logo's font I tried to emulate for this. Hint: the logo is related to the only other "person" I know who uses ish in everyday conversation.)

Oh, yeah, I love irony.

30 Day Drawing Challenge at Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe


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  1. Oh. My. WORD! "ish" is TOTALLY a word! I use it every day, too!

    Hmm... is it Psych font? It's what I though of, anyway. Shawn Spencer is the only other person I know who used it every day, as well. :)


  2. Ish is totally a word, and so useful!

    Really? Does Shawn use ish? Wow, how did I miss that?

  3. That is a GRAND word!
    It is very GRAND,indeed.


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