In Which I Announce That I Was Too Far Off My Rocker

November 19, 2011

Let's see... where am I?

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The last drawing that I uploaded was Day 14: Your Favorite Fairytale. Today is November 19th.

This past week has been very busy for me (I'll spare you the long list of busy activities and projects), and I had to make the decsion to put this project on the back-burner. It's still burning-- but just on low temperature.

I'm sort of wishing that I had just made this a personal challenge-- I mean, I love seeing all the drawings you all have done, but I'm feeling guilty about being behind when I'm the one hosting the linky. :P

I've got drawings, or at least half-finished drawings for days 15-18... but no energy to get them photographed and uploaded tonight.

When I announced that I was off my rocker... I should have known better.

But I am stubborn, and I love art.
I fully intend to continue with this projects-- and possibly even get caught up again!

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  1. It's ok -- I understand how you tends to get in the way of things sometimes...but that's what makes this a challenge, right??(; with NaNo and the drawings, I've almost wanted to give up numerous times, but I'm stubborn too, and I intend to drive on.(;

    Hehehe, cue the inspirational music!
    Anyway, good luck with everything!!


  2. At least you're not as far behind as me, Shealynn! *coughstuckonday8cough* So just could be worse. :) And it's okay for life to get in the way. After all, it IS more important than cyber stuff.

    - Victoria (


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